Monday, April 30, 2012

Model Berpakaian Minim di Auto China 2012

Kumpulan Foto Model yang di protes karena berpenampilan terlalu minim dalam 2012 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition at Beijng International Exhibition Center on April 23, 2012 in Beijing, China. 

ini x yg di protes, JANGAN Di buka karena gak di sensor
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ini ada lagi koleksi yang lain
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0beta2

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS Version 6.0beta2 
  • "/ip address set" and "/ipv6 address set" commands did not work properly; (2012-apr-16 14:26)
  • fix eoipv6 tunnels, tunnel-ids in packets were shuffled
  • fix dynamic simple queues
  • fix /ipv6 firewall connection-state matcher, was crashing router
  • fix traffic generator, was crashing router when generating traffic on bonding interface
  • fix wds interfaces
  • downgrading to v5 was losing wireless interface configuration
  • fix queue byte and rate statistics
  • fix ethernet port order on all boards
  • added support for usb forwarding over tcp
For download here

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Install Tor and Polipo on Linux Mint 12

How to Install Tor and Polipo on Linux Mint 12

Apa itu Tor ?
Apa itu Polipo ?
Silahkan anda cari di google untuk lebih jelas nya  :-)

Langsung saja menuju ke topik utama
Langkah 1 : Install Tor dan Polipo
  • tambahkan Tor repository
~ $ sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
  • tambahkan di paling bawah
deb oneiric main
 Jangan lupa di save ya
  • tambahkan pgp key buat tor repository
~ $ gpg --keyserver --recv 886DDD89
~ $ gpg --export A3C4F0F979CAA22CDBA8F512EE8CBC9E886DDD89 | sudo apt-key add -
  • terakhir, install tor dan polipo
~ $ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install tor tor-geoipdb polipo
Langkah 2 : Konfigurasi Polipo
buat edit config polipo, bisa seperti ini atau bisa juga menggunakan editor yang lain
 ~ $ sudo gedit /etc/polipo/config
 sample config polipo
# Sample configuration file for Polipo. -*-sh-*-

# You should not need to edit this configuration file; all configuration
# variables have reasonable defaults.

# This file only contains some of the configuration variables; see the
# list given by ``polipo -v'' and the manual for more.

## Basic configuration
### *******************

# Uncomment one of these if you want to allow remote clients to
# connect:

# proxyAddress = "::0"        # both IPv4 and IPv6
# proxyAddress = ""    # IPv4 only

proxyAddress = ""
proxyPort = 8118

# If you do that, you'll want to restrict the set of hosts allowed to
# connect:

# allowedClients = ","
# allowedClients = ","

allowedClients =
allowedPorts = 1-65535

# Uncomment this if you want your Polipo to identify itself by
# something else than the host name:

proxyName = "localhost"

# Uncomment this if there's only one user using this instance of Polipo:

cacheIsShared = false

# Uncomment this if you want to use a parent proxy:

# parentProxy = ""

# Uncomment this if you want to use a parent SOCKS proxy:

socksParentProxy = "localhost:9050"
socksProxyType = socks5

### Memory
### ******

# Uncomment this if you want Polipo to use a ridiculously small amount
# of memory (a hundred C-64 worth or so):

# chunkHighMark = 819200
# objectHighMark = 128

# Uncomment this if you've got plenty of memory:

# chunkHighMark = 50331648
# objectHighMark = 16384

chunkHighMark = 67108864

### On-disk data
### ************

# Uncomment this if you want to disable the on-disk cache:

diskCacheRoot = ""

# Uncomment this if you want to put the on-disk cache in a
# non-standard location:

# diskCacheRoot = "~/.polipo-cache/"

# Uncomment this if you want to disable the local web server:

localDocumentRoot = ""

# Uncomment this if you want to enable the pages under /polipo/index?
# and /polipo/servers?.  This is a serious privacy leak if your proxy
# is shared.

# disableIndexing = false
# disableServersList = false

disableLocalInterface = true
disableConfiguration = true

### Domain Name System
### ******************

# Uncomment this if you want to contact IPv4 hosts only (and make DNS
# queries somewhat faster):
# dnsQueryIPv6 = no

# Uncomment this if you want Polipo to prefer IPv4 to IPv6 for
# double-stack hosts:
# dnsQueryIPv6 = reluctantly

# Uncomment this to disable Polipo's DNS resolver and use the system's
# default resolver instead.  If you do that, Polipo will freeze during
# every DNS query:

dnsUseGethostbyname = yes

### HTTP
### ****

# Uncomment this if you want to enable detection of proxy loops.
# This will cause your hostname (or whatever you put into proxyName
# above) to be included in every request:

disableVia = true

# Uncomment this if you want to slightly reduce the amount of
# information that you leak about yourself:

# censoredHeaders = from, accept-language
# censorReferer = maybe

censoredHeaders = from,accept-language,x-pad,link
censorReferer = maybe

# Uncomment this if you're paranoid.  This will break a lot of sites,
# though:

# censoredHeaders = set-cookie, cookie, cookie2, from, accept-language
# censorReferer = true

# Uncomment this if you want to use Poor Man's Multiplexing; increase
# the sizes if you're on a fast line.  They should each amount to a few
# seconds' worth of transfer; if pmmSize is small, you'll want
# pmmFirstSize to be larger.

# Note that PMM is somewhat unreliable.

# pmmFirstSize = 16384
# pmmSize = 8192

# Uncomment this if your user-agent does something reasonable with
# Warning headers (most don't):

# relaxTransparency = maybe

# Uncomment this if you never want to revalidate instances for which
# data is available (this is not a good idea):

# relaxTransparency = yes

# Uncomment this if you have no network:

# proxyOffline = yes

# Uncomment this if you want to avoid revalidating instances with a
# Vary header (this is not a good idea):

# mindlesslyCacheVary = true

# Suggestions from Incognito configuration
maxConnectionAge = 5m
maxConnectionRequests = 120
serverMaxSlots = 8
serverSlots = 2
tunnelAllowedPorts = 1-65535


Jangan lupa di save, jika sudah restart tor dan polipo
 ~ $ sudo /etc/init.d/polipo restart && sudo /etc/init.d/tor restart
Sampai disi tor dan polipo sudah bisa anda gunakan.
  • Jangan lupa untuk set network pada browser anda
  • Pilih manual proxy dan isikan port 8118 ( Ip Pc anda Port 8118 )
Selamat menikmati browsing sbg Anonymous

Hasil nya nya seperti ini

Terinspirasi dari block DNS nawala dan block situs xxx

Monday, April 23, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS Version 5.15 Release

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS Version 5.15 (2012-Apr-20 13:11):

  • ssh - added option "/ip ssh always-allow-password-login" which will allow password based login for users using public key
  • snmp - moved disk oids shown in console from "/system resoure" to "/store disk"
  • certificate manager - added PKCS#8 support for key import
  • lte - support for modems which utilize sierra_net driver with product ID 0x68a3, serial interface is no longer accesable for those modems
  • quickset - added AP mode
  • smb - fixed authorization problems, shares should now be browsable
  • dhcp client - revert NTP settings on dhcp client disable
  • dhcp server - use DNS server from DHCP client (broken in v5.13)
  • sstp - made it working on Pentium 4 again
  • webfig - fixed uptime column in hotspot active users list (and other places as well)
  • webfig - hide design skin button if user does not have sensitive & policy permissions
  • webfig - do not allow to upload/download files without write/read & ftp permisions
  • webfig - fixed blank page when logout, undo, redo, hide-menu or safe-mode were hidden in skin
  • winbox - show connection tracking max entries properly
  • winbox - make interface name sorting more stable
  • winbox - do not reset user password when changing it's properties
  • RB1200 ether6,ether7,ether8 did not support big packets when linked at 10/100Mbps
Link Download Here

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS Version 6.0beta1

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0beta1 (2012-Apr-13 15:26):
  • updated drivers and kernel (to linux-
  • improved interface management (scales well for up to thousands of interfaces and more)
  • improved queue management (/queue simple and /queue tree) - easily handles tens of thousands of queues
  • improved overall router performance when simple queues are used - at least double the performance of v5, even bigger improvements on multicore systems
  • very small overhead for packets that miss simple queues, but simple queues are present in the system
  • pcq queue is NAT aware (just like "/queue simple" and "/ip traffic-flow"
  • in "/ip firewall mangle" can specify "new-priority=from-dscp-high-3-bits"
  • new default queue types: pcq-download-default and pcq-upload-default
  • simple queues have separate priority setting for download/upload/total
  • slave flag shows up for interfaces that are in bridge,bonding or switch group
  • global-in, global-out, global-total parent in /queue tree is replaced with global that is equivalent to global-total in v5
  • simple queues happen in different place - at the very end of postrouting and local-in chains
  • simple queues target-addresses and interface parameters are joined into one target parameter, now supports multiple interfaces match for one queue
  • simple queues dst-address parameter is changed to dst and now supports destination interface matching
  • dns cache logs requests to topics "dns" and "packet"
Test on RB600A

For Dowload here

Thursday, April 12, 2012

ubnt airos version 5.5 release

UBNT AirOS Version 5.5 release

Supported products :

  • Bullet M, Titanium
  • Rocket M
  • NanoStation M
  • AirGrid M / AirGrid HP M
  • NanoBridge M
  • PowerBridge M
  • PicoStation M
  • NanoStation Loco M
  • AirRouter
  • PowerAP N
  • Rocket M365
  • Rocket M900
  • NanoStation M365
  • NanoStation Loco M900
  • NanoBridge M365
  • NanoBridge M900
  • NanoBridge M3
  • PowerBridge M10

AirOS Version 5.5 - Final Release (April 10, 2012)

New product support:

  • New: Bullet M2 Titanium
  • New: Bullet M5 Titanium

New functionality:

  • New: Management VLAN support
  • New: Advanced network settings configuration mode
  • New: RADIUS MAC authentication
  • New: Low TX power mode support for all M series models
  • New: AirMax client support for 802.11 a/b/g products
  • New: DHCP relay functionality in Router/SOHO Router mode
  • New: UPnP server support in Router/SOHO Router modes
  • New: Ability to Block WAN Access in SOHO Router mode
  • New: Fallback IP for PPPoE client
  • New: 3/8 MHz channel width support for M900
  • New: 8/30 MHz channel width support for M2/M5
  • New: 8/25 MHz channel width support for M3
  • New: 25 MHz channel width support for M365
  • New: Full range of channel width options in Compliance mode
  • New: Max allowed MTU size for newer HW revision models is 2024 bytes
  • New: Make Device name the Product Model by default
  • New: Separate throughput graphs for LAN0/LAN1 interfaces
  • New: Option to create support info file with ping watchdog before device reboot
  • New: Enable/Disable CDP option in Device Discovery section
  • New: Check for existing uploaded firmware image when opening System page
  • New: Prepare for IPv6 support
  • New: Traffic shaper for ingress traffic
  • New: Notification for software updates
  • New: Add PPPoE service name configuration
  • New: Kernel patches for SIP conntrack/NAT support
  • New: Show AirMax priority in Main page for Station mode


  • Fix: Configuration change causes device with a long uptime to lock up
  • Fix: Device stops passing traffic after some time and requires a reboot or "kick" to work again
  • Fix: Dynamic DNS update after PPPoE session initialization
  • Fix: Station list is empty when there are few stations associated
  • Fix: Port ID is mandatory in CDP packet
  • Fix: STA-WDS in bridge mode is passing back multicast/broadcast packets
  • Fix: "Antenna Gain" and "Cable Loss" fields are locked for LocoM900 with external antenna
  • Fix: Incorrect connection time reporting
  • Fix: Timestamps reset because of stuck beacon. Causes other manufacturers' (i.e. Tranzeo) devices to re-associate.
  • Fix: Can't launch airView with HTTPS enabled on IE8
  • Fix: Traceroute fails to DNS host with multiple addresses

Improvements/Change requests:

  • Improvement: Linux kernel update to 2.6.32 version
  • Improvement: AirMax performance in large PtMP networks
  • Improvement: AirSync performance in PtMP networks
  • Improvement: ACL List: Dynamic list now allows instant changes (no restart or dropped connections required)
  • Improvement: ACL List: MAC list limit increased from 64 to unlimited
  • Improvement: ACL List: Ability to add comments to MACs
  • Improvement: ACL List: Ability to enable/disable a MAC without removing it from the list
  • Improvement: DFS functionality improvement according FCC/ETSI requirements
  • Improvement: Report Horizontal / Vertical antenna instead of "Chain 0 / Chain 1"
  • Improvement: New look for wireless mode configuration
  • Improvement: Various WEB GUI tweaks, changes, improvements
  • Improvement: Send NASID in Access-Request packet.
  • Improvement: Add internal speed test tool to DMZ exemption ports
  • Improvement: Hide Discovery Tool for read-only account
  • Improvement: Extension for Port Forward configuration. Allow to specify Public IP

Regional Updates:

  • New: Initial Login page with Country/Language selection
  • New: Replace Obey Regulatory rules with Auto Adjust to EIRP Limit functionality
  • New: Remove possibility to change country for some countries (USA, Spain)
  • New: Remove indoor range for Brazil (5.1-5.3GHz frequencies)
  • New: Show Band C for UK Frequencies
  • New: Add Iraq country code
  • New: Add Nigeria country code
  • New: EIRP limits for US Regdomain on 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz band
  • New: Add German translation
  • Fix: Regulatory rules update for Australia
  • Fix: Devices with selected country Ukraine doesn't work in 5GHz band

Additional Notes:

  • Note: SNMP interface indexes have changed with v5.5 due to advanced network configuration options
  • Note: AirControl v1 Configuration changes are not supported with v5.5 firmware
  • Note: Possible Web UI issues with out of date browsers (i.e. Firefox 3.6). It's recommended to use current browser software
Test on Bullet M2HP

For Download Here