Friday, November 30, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc6 Release

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc6 (2012-Dec-21 12:20):

- fixed problem - netinstall for x86 did not work
- lcd - added take-screenshot command
- lcd - fixed calibration, fresh boards no longer require recalibration
- optimize memory usage - makes 32Mb routerboards more stable
- support BandRich modems with newer firmware
- ipsec - authentication using certificate store but without CRL checking for now
- added feature - flash can be partitioned on routerboards and separate versions can be installed on each of them (requires latest firmware)
- fixed problem - after restoring backup, it gets restored again on every reboot
- improved router performance when dhcp client/server present in system
- fixed vlan on bond after reboot
- fixed occasional queue kernel crash

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc5 (2012-Dec-05 15:22):

- wireless - advanced rate selection is the only method supported
- ssh client - support keyboard-interactive authentication
- fix simple queue config upgrade

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc4 (2012-Nov-28 17:16):

- Dhcp server - added two radius string options (24, 25) for use in custom dhcp options
- Fixed problem - ppp dial-on-demand did not work, it allways dialed in
- Fixed problem - password was not saved when adding new user
- Added feature - show last-logged-in in users list
- Snmp - fix interface table
- Dhcp ipv6 - added comment fields
- Dhcp client ipv6 - add/remove default route or ntp server without renew when settings change
- Ppp clients - set up dns dynamic-servers instead of static ones
- Fixed problem - Connect button did not work in wireless scanner
- Dhcp server - added radius framed route support
- Fixed problem - MetaROUTERs did not work on PowerPC boards (RB800, RB1000, RB1100)
- Fixed problem - check-for-updates stopped working if it didn't find new updates previously
- Dhcp ipv6 - added dns option support
- Gre - support all protocol encapsulation, not just ip and ipv6

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS version 5.22 Release

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 5.22 (2012-Nov-23 09:28):

- Userman - fix PayPal "bad HTTP response"
- Kvm - fixed possible ROS guest incomplete package installation
- L2tp server - added keepalive-timeout setting
- Wireless - fixed RADIUS mac-caching
- Wireless - fixed rare nv2 link stall
- Metarouter - fixed system occasional lockup for 12s on RB4xx and RB7xx
- Metarouter - fixed crash when FPU exception was raised in one of powerpc metarouters
- Quickset - added HomeAP mode
- Fixed "export compact" in "ip proxy"

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc3 Release

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc3 (2012-Nov-09 12:59):

- fixed problem - MetaROUTERs did not work on RB2011s
- fixed problem - Realtek 1Gbit ethernet cards did not work
- added "/ip settings" menu with following settings: ip-forward, send-redirects, accept-source-route, accept-redirects, secure-redirects, rp-filter, tcp-syncookies
- fix some ipv6 firewall matchers
- improved performance for eoip,eoipv6,gre,gre6 tunnels, especially on multi core
- /queue tree entries with parent=global are performed separately from /queue simple and before /queue simple
- snmp - fixed missing OIDs

# Caveat: MetaROUTERs do not work on PowerPC routerboards

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc2 (2012-Oct-24 11:27) :

- added generic fast path support on certain interfaces (all ethernets on RB3xx, RB6xx, RB7xx, RB8xx, RB9xx, RB1000, RB11xx, RB2011)
- added ipv4 fast path, it doubles ipv4 forwarding performance on supported interfaces when no firewall, conntrack, queues.
- added traffic generator fast path
- addedbridge fast path
More info on fast path:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RouterOS version 5.21 Release

What's new in mikrotik routeros version 5.21 (2012-Oct-12 08:25):

- route - fix dst-prefix filtering did not return routes when routes with different routing-mark were present
- wireless - improved nv2 stability
- winbox & webfig - added simple new version downloading & upgrading panel
- dhcp server - immediately store to disk changes for lease configuration
- lcd - improve graphs screen
- lcd - improve touch screen (must /lcd reset-calibration)
- smb - fix smb share mounting on linux systems
- ovpn - fixed memory leak on disconnects
- userman - fix unpaid profile activation while authenticating
- sstp - fix high CPU usage on SSL handshake
- winbox - added ability to add time & date to dashboard
- metarouter - fixed lockups on RB110AH
- metarouter - fixed occasional lockups on RB450G
- ups - fixed problem connecting to USB device, introduced in 5.20
- quickset - added Wireless PTP Bridge mode
- fix MPLS MTU configuration usage
- dns - fix empty response

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