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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc3 Release

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc3 (2012-Nov-09 12:59):

- fixed problem - MetaROUTERs did not work on RB2011s
- fixed problem - Realtek 1Gbit ethernet cards did not work
- added "/ip settings" menu with following settings: ip-forward, send-redirects, accept-source-route, accept-redirects, secure-redirects, rp-filter, tcp-syncookies
- fix some ipv6 firewall matchers
- improved performance for eoip,eoipv6,gre,gre6 tunnels, especially on multi core
- /queue tree entries with parent=global are performed separately from /queue simple and before /queue simple
- snmp - fixed missing OIDs

# Caveat: MetaROUTERs do not work on PowerPC routerboards

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0rc2 (2012-Oct-24 11:27) :

- added generic fast path support on certain interfaces (all ethernets on RB3xx, RB6xx, RB7xx, RB8xx, RB9xx, RB1000, RB11xx, RB2011)
- added ipv4 fast path, it doubles ipv4 forwarding performance on supported interfaces when no firewall, conntrack, queues.
- added traffic generator fast path
- addedbridge fast path
More info on fast path:

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