Monday, August 27, 2012

UBNT AirOs Version 5.5.2

UBNT AirOs Version 5.5.2 Release (August 17, 2012)

New product support:
  • Rocket M2 Titanium
  • Rocket M5 Titanium
  • NanoStation M6   
Regional Updates:
  • Enable DFS frequencies for US/Puerto Rico/ Canada for NanoStationM5/Loco M5/Rocket M5/Rocket M5 GPS/NanoBridge M5 models
  • Lock Indonesia country code: once selected at Login page do not allow to change country unless reset to defaults
  • Remove DFS enable/disable option for Austria, turn DFS ON after upgrade for Austria. Keep DFS enable/disable option for rest of EU countries
  • Regulatory rules update for India 2.4GHz band
  • Move Puerto Rico under US regulatory domain
  • Fix: AirMax: When one of the clients reboot all others are disconnected from AP
  • Fix: AirMax: Unexpected device reboots on high load/PTMP (possible fix) 
  • Fix: Traffic shaping ingress rules on LAN port in some cases block Internet traffic
  • Fix: Traffic shaping bursting is increased to the maximum allowed value according to configured throughput limits
  • Fix: Association to non-broadcasting SSID CISCO AP takes couple minutes
  • Fix: Complex AP-repeater setup creates loop in this network
  • Fix: Increase Password attribute length to 18 when sending empty password to RADIUS server
  • Fix: Auto Channel selection logic improvement
  • Fix: DFS: Allow UNII-2 band for Canada w/o unlock key for approved product models
  • Fix: Traffic Shaper rules changes during upgrade from v5.3.5
  • Fix: PPPoE stops sending PPPoE Discovery packets on time change
  • Fix: NBM3/NBM365 should support 2 Ethernet ports but shows only 1.
  • Fix: Aggregated transmission problems with some Apple laptops and other devices
  • Fix: Clients can't reconnect to AP with WPA2-AES security reason (15)
  • Fix: After upgrade from v5.3.5 to v5.5 secondary Ethernet port isn't configured (running default configuration)
  • Fix: Stations disassociation because of returned broadcast packets on Ethernet interface
  • Fix: Second LAN port MTU max is 2024B not 1614B (affected all M series products)
  • Fix: No Internet connection for clients behind device in router mode
  • Fix: Access Point ignores Session-Timeout limit received from RADIUS server
  • Fix: Reduce false positives and misclassifications of invalid DFS radar events
  • Fix: Can't launch Airview when initial window disabled
  • Fix: Making changes in Network tab resets MTU to 1500 when Management VLAN is enabled
  • Fix: Incorrect ebtables VLAN drop rules
  • Fix: Do not allow to upload Configuration file from different Regulatory domain 
  • Fix: Port Forwarding public port range issue

  • WEB UI: Show DFS status in MAIN page
  • WEB UI: airSync: Show correct default slots depending on channel size
  • WEB UI: Static route disappears in Router mode
  • WEB UI: Option to disable Multicast Enhancement for AP
  • WEB UI: Improved IP address validation
  • WEB UI: Don't enable "DMZ Management Ports" when DMZ is enabled (Router/SOHO Router)
  • WEB UI: Bridge table display problem. Table too big
  • WEB UI: Do not show graph for interface when it is not in use
  • WEB UI: Don't report TOUGHSwitch/airCam WLAN mode in device discovery results
  • WEB UI: Add Turkish language support
  • WEB UI: In Simple configuration mode LAN should be BRIDGE0 containing both Ethernet interfaces
  • WEB UI: Show the same antenna information in MAIN page as in Wireless settings page drop down
  • WEB UI: Site Survey Scan button is disabled under IE browser
  • WEB UI: Allow MAC Cloning for BRIDGE interface in Router mode
  • WEB UI: Bridge table is not displayed in Main page when there are multiple bridge
Security Improvements:
  • WEB UI: Default settings change: Enable HTTPS (port 443) by default
  • WEB UI: Removed admin.cgi functionality
  • WEB UI: Add option to disable HTTP service
  • WEB UI: Add reminder when using default admin user name/ password
For Download Here

Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0Beta3

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 6.0beta3 (2012-Aug-22 12:12):

Installation - use much less space in storage (works well with 32MiB flash)
Routerboard package is now merged with system package
Userman - use corresponding time zone data when showing date in console
Gps - init-string option
Ipsec - kill phase1 if ipsec-sa in responder expires due to system time change
Ipsec - rekey phase1 before expiration
Ipsec - when last ISAKMP-SA is deleted for the remote host remove related IPSec-SAs
Ipsec - send delete IPSec-SAs on shutdown/reboot
User manager - fix user's active profile end time if it has unlimited validity, these users now won't be hidden from reports when date filters are in effect
Certificate validity is shown using local timezone offset
Fixed queue bit rate reporting
Fixed ipv6 firewall
Upgraded drivers and kernel (to linux-3.3.5)
Added priority matcher to firewall
Added change-dscp from-priority and from-priority-to-high-3-bits options
Fixed router crash or hang when rebooting
Add snif-tzsp,snif-pc actions to ip/ipv6 firewall mangle
Traffic-generator improvements for multi core

For Download Here

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mikrotik RouterOS version 5.20 Release

What's new in Mikrotik RouterOS version 5.20 Release (2012-Aug-15 13:04):

  • Manual upgrade to NEW beta poe controller firmware v2.0 for RB750UP and OmniTIK UPA. more info at
  • Fix RB951-2n wireless issues
  • Ups - fixed resource leak

For Download Here
Link Indonesia disini ( sampai hari ini masih belum ada )

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hack Mikrotik Winbox

Sudah amankah mikrotik winbox anda ??
Sekedar berbagi, jika winbox anda masih berjalan pada port default maka waspadalah. 
Cara Hack Winbox
Winbox berjalan pada port 8291
Celah pada winbox adalah ketika mencoba untuk men-download file DLL/plugin dari mikrotik router, memilih file besar dan meminta bagian itu berkali-kali.
Itulah yang menyebabkan DoS.
saya mencoba script .py ini di mikrotik saya, script ini sebenarnya untuk membuat banyak lalulintas pada router dan menjadikan resource router 100%
script ini bekerja pada port 8291

cara menggunakannya sebagai berikut :
1. Download semua file dll index dari router
 python <Ip Router> <*> <speed>
2. Download roteros.dll
python <Ip Router> <roteros.dll> <speed>

3. Jalankan DoS Attack ke Router
python <Ip Router> DoS

hasilnya seperti ini :

dan akhirnya

Sumber dari PoURaN